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Nutritional Institute - "Get Fit Fast" Whole Body
Vibration Plate Machine 200 watt NIVP1

Compact, super powerful, high quality and very affordable!

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Numerous health benefits with just 10 to 20 minutes three times a week!

  • Using amazing NASA technology, this machine will vibe you into better health and yes, you can “Get Fit Fast”!
  • Whatever your age, good health results are proven with middle-age and young seniors finding especially effective results
  • Professionals using this technology reduce warm-up time by 50%

As with all fitness equipment consult your healthcare physician before starting any new exercise or using new equipment

Check out the benefits you’ll receive with your Whole-Body vibration machine­­:

  • Enhanced circulation benefits cardiovascular systems, muscles and arterial blood vessels
  • Oxygen delivery carrying oxygen rich blood to your arms and legs is improved
  • Muscle strengthening lessens injury and fatigue jeopardy
  • Improved flexibility bringing better posture and overall movement
  • Core body strength conveys better posture and bodyweight distribution
  • Metabolism improvement increasing circulation can help lose weight especially benefitting hips, waist and abdomen
  • Improving bone mineral density results in less possibility of breaks and fractures plus combat arthritis with lessened joint and back pain.
  • Helping lymphatic drainage enables better toxin elimination from the body’s cells
  • High blood pressure can be reduced
  • Improve skin with reduced cellulite and stimulated collagen while lessening toxins in the body
  • Natural collagen production is increased
  • Muscle toning, overall increasing strength and improving lean muscle mass
  • Workout recovery time can be reduced
  • Balance and coordination are improved through stimulating receptors in the entire body improving coordination of muscles as a sense of balance is being trained
  • Alleviate stress with vibration that helps relaxation and reduce insomnia
  • Advancing lymphatic drainage and reducing the “stress” hormone cortisol bringing a feeling and look of youth enhanced by the human growth (youth) hormone. 

Other Reasons to buy our Nutritional Institute “Get Fit Fast” Whole Body Vibration Plate Machine

  • Latest technology
  • As powerful as many other more expensive units – so affordable.
  • Stand, sit, go fast, go slow:  So many options for so many people.
  • At 30 pounds, it takes up not much space, moving it is easy.  For committed fitness folks, take it on your travels.
  • Be sure to compare units:  With an oscillation motor, our machine pivots back and forth like a seesaw showing much better results with lymphatic drainage, weight loss and muscle improvement benefits than non-oscillation machines.


  • 110 V, 68 just for operation within the US and Canada and plugs into a standard outlet
  • Platform is 28" x 16"
  • Improved Digital display
  • Triangular escalation amplitude 0-9 MM
  • Triangular isolation frequency 5HZ- 13 HZ
  • Maximum load weight: 265 LBS
  • Armbands included which are great for upper body workouts
  • Whole package includes the machine, arm bands, power cable and remote
  • Leveling legs on the bottom make it easy to balance on any floor
  • 35-pound shipping weight 
  • One year warranty included, see extended 3 year warrantees below.

Legal disclaimer: the statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, diagnosed, cure or prevent any disease.

How do whole body vibration plate machines work?

  • Almost 100% of muscle fibers are used (improving metabolism, circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • With improved circulation, stronger immune systems are built.
  • Muscles are stimulated, pumping blood into smaller capillaries, moving through cells more efficiently leading to better waste elimination.
  • was used by cosmonauts in Russia to simulate weight bearing loads when in zero gravity to maintain muscle strength and mineral bone density.
  • Now this incredible machine is available and used by millions of people! Another interesting note:  Also used by the very successful Russians in the ‘80s Olympics for rehab and training. 

Frequently asked questions FAQs

How much time is needed to get the maximum benefits?

  • In five minutes or less, the lymph system is stimulated.
  • In 15 minutes, advanced benefits include building muscle and burning fat.

To achieve maximum benefits, how frequently do I need to use it?

  • Not even every day – some have stronger abs in one 15 minute session per week.

Is it safe for non-athletes?

  • Yes.  Just sit or stand in the beginning.
  • There are benefits if you have the ability to stand in one place for a few minutes.
  • No particular fitness level required.

What workouts are possible with the Whole Body Vibration Machine?

  • Almost any work out at home, with or without weights.
  • The vibrations from the additional G forces * effect most any movement; therefore, shortening workout time.
  • Do a squat or push-up and feel the difference!

* The force of gravity or acceleration on a body–force

Does the Whole-Body Vibration Machine make much noise?

  • The vibrations are channeled through the solid steel plate, not to the floor, maximizing exercise benefits and minimizing sound.
  • There is sound; however, a normal conversation is possible.

Some recommended exercises:

  • The Whole Body Vibration Machine enhances your exercise routine. Yoga is popular as are numerous other types of exercises.  Using a small exercise mat is recommended when any part of your body other than feet meet the platform.  Another recommendation is to start with pre-set programs in your Whole-Body Vibration Machine, exercising all areas of the body. Repeat several times a day if desired.
  • Stretching before and after working out warms your muscles helping avoid a pulling a muscle. 
  • The Whole-Body Vibration Machine offers a superb site for various yoga routines.
  • While holding the handles, drop one heel off the back end of the machine, one at a time.  Hold each stretch for 15 seconds.
  • Step off machine; kneel on the floor placing your hands of the platform.    Enter the yoga “Child’s Pose” by placing your head on the floor stretching the chest, back and legs.
  • Return to machine, facing away from handles stretch arms up, reach as high as possible, while standing on tiptoes.   The bend forward, touching the floor.  Breathe deeply.
  • Abdominal Exercises done on the machine will increase workout results.
  • With hands behind your head, your pelvis tucked under with knees slightly bent - contract and hold for five seconds.  Release and relax.  Repeat 25 times.
  • Sit on the platform, facing away from the controls.  Raise your legs straight in front of you, parallel to the floor.  Exhale while contracting abdominal muscles and pulling knees into chest.  Hold for two seconds.  Repeat 25 times.
  • Stand on the platform, facing away from the controls while holding a weighted ball.  Push the ball straight in front of you then twist from your waist to your right, hold for two seconds, return to center, the twist to your left, hold for two seconds.  Repeat 12 times each side.
  • Weight lifting while vibrating enhances your routine.
  • Maintain your form as you slowly move through your range of motion.  Some good free weight choices are triceps overhead extensions, bicep curls, lateral arm raises and shoulder presses.  All while vibrating!  Remember the weight should be challenging but light enough to keep proper form.  Three sets of 12 for each exercise.;
  • Choose a weight that is challenging toward the end of your 12 repetitions, but light enough to keep proper form. Do three sets of 12 for each exercise.
  • Push-ups are helped with vibrations working your chest, arms and shoulders.
  • Place hands on the machine, (try different hand placements to target different areas) extend legs out behind so weight is supported on hands and feet only.  A straight line is formed with shoulders, hips and heels.
  • Contract your core, bending arms and lowering chest towards the platform. With chest almost touching the platform, pause, then push up to starting position.
  • For more challenge, raise your feet by placing on a step or stability ball.
  • Do pushups from knees or toes, with palms on the machine’s platform.
  • Isometric Squats strengthen your core and increase leg muscle endurance. 
  • (Core:  abdominal, waist and lower back muscles.)
  • Stand on the platform and hold the handle for balance.
  • With feet shoulder-width apart, bend knees then squat until thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position, rest and repeat. For more challenge, hold weights, stand on one leg and don’t use handles to balance.
  • Split Squats challenges balance, develops leg strength and emphasizes your buttock. 
  • Place right foot backward in a long, staggered stance. Grasp the handle for balance if necessary.
  • Bend both legs and lower back knee towards the floor — stop when your front thigh is parallel to the floor and your back knee is bent to 90 degrees.
  • Push up to the starting position, repeat. Repeat desired number of times, change legs and repeat. 
  • Lunges are done facing the machine, one foot on the floor, one on the platform.  Keep front knee behind toes, drop back knee towards floor. Repeat 12 to 25 times on each leg.
  • Note:  Understand results don’t happen overnight with any exercise routine.  Accomplishing goals takes hard work and patience.  Consider using heat therapy for aching muscles.
  • Yoga can all benefit from use of the use Whole Body Vibration Machine.

How to Use a Whole Body Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

  • Overweight?  Just want to lose a few pounds before summer?  The Whole Body Vibration Machine could be just what the doctor ordered.
  • These machines contract and release almost every muscle numerous times per second, helping burn calories, build muscle, and increase metabolism.
  • Exercise, using these machines balances hormones the body needs to burn fat, raise metabolic rate and increase muscle tone.
  • The variety of exercises you can do on a Whole-Body Vibration Machine can help reach weight loss goals, improve mind as well as body, generally giving a more intense experience when used as part of your workout routine.
  • Relaxation is another option for you.  Just relaxation or relaxation exercises. All are done with the vibe machine running.
  • Shoulder & Neck Relaxation is achieved by kneeling at front of machine; place arms on the plate pulling the upper body back, keeping back and neck straight.
  • Back and Lower Back Relaxation - For the lower back:   Face away from the machine sitting on the floor with legs apart placing the mat between your body and the machine.  Relax.
  • For the lower back:  Sit on the mat
  • For the back, place the mat underneath your posterior siting in the center of the machine with your legs apart. Relax your upper body:  Feel a relaxing of your back, hips, and thighs.
  • Upper Body Relaxation - Sit on the platform facing back of machine, bending knees with elbows on the machine behind you.  Keep your neck and back straight, pull shoulders back while raising the upper body off the machine using elbows for balance.


  • Pacemaker – For precautionary reasons we do not recommend use of WBV if you use a pacemaker.
  • Headaches – Headaches during WBV are caused from the blood circulating in a way that the body is not used to.
  • If you do not have a medical condition and you have headaches from using the machine, then we suggest that you use it 2-3 minutes a day for 1-2 weeks and then move to 4-5 minutes for 1-2 weeks.
  • Continue in increments until the body is used to the new circulation.
  • As always, contact your doctor if you have a particular medical condition.

When to Use with Care - Aside from the previous, there aren’t many circumstances where Whole Body Vibration Machines would be particularly harmful.  It’s a beneficial natural therapy, even if you want to avoid doing a lot.   As with all exercise and fitness equipment, use with care and, again, consult with a physician prior to use, particularly if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Leg, waist, neck, or hand wounded in the past; herniated disk; acanthi slide disease, DE encephalocele.
  • Metamorphotic arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout
  • Heart Disease, Vascular obstruction, Vascular hypertension
  • Respiratory organs obstruction
  • Currently use heart pacemaker or inserted electronic medical instruments
  • Therioma
  • Disturbances of blood circulation
  • High periphery dysaemia caused by diabetes or other disease
  • Traumatic skin
  • Fall ill with fever
  • Abnormal vertebra or acanthi bending
  • Pregnancy, possible pregnancy, or menstruation
  • Physicality  abnormal, need rest quietly to recuperate
  • Other uncomfortable physical feeling
  • Retinal detachment, blood clots, bone tumors and other medical conditions:  Machine use not recommended.

In the above cases, also, WBV can be beneficial; ten minutes of Whole Body Vibration is equal to one hour of conventional weight lifting!

Whole Body can be an Essential Part to Helping Treat

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that causes shaking, rigidity, and slowness of movement/walking, among other symptoms. With Whole Body Vibration therapy, improvements with motor skills and a decrease in tremors and rigidity scores can be achieved, according to the Institute of Sport Sciences (Goethe Germany, 2006).

Utilize the Whole Body Vibration machine in a position that’s suitable to your condition, including any pre-set programs and speeds. We suggest starting at a lower speed and increasing it gradually until you’re comfortable. Start with 1-3 minute sessions several times a day and increase time and speeds as tolerated.

Whole Body Vibration and Wheelchairs

In a wheelchair?  You also can benefit from the Whole Body Vibration Machine!  You can try different positions to get different benefits. Follow are a few:

Circulation to Lower Extremities – While sitting in the wheelchair, move the wheelchair close to the vibration platform and place feet close together on the platform itself. Move your feet farther apart if you find this more comfortable. Use the vibration machine for 1-10 minutes on speeds most comfortable. To improve movement of Lymph fluid in ankles, perform the above, but also gently massage your ankles in an upward motion with your hands. This will help relieve swollen ankles and help steer the lymph fluid toward the heart.  Do this for 1-10 minutes a session.

Neck and Shoulder Massage – To provide circulation to the upper body and provide pain relief for the shoulders and neck, place feet on the vibration platform and place forearms on knees while sitting in the wheelchair.

Help Treat Gout with Whole Body Vibration Machines

Gout is a form of arthritis that usually occurring in a joint:  The big toe, knee, or ankle. Too much uric acid in the fluid around the joint causes inflammation.  Vibration therapy via Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machines can help with his condition in a variety of ways.

Increased circulation results in less frequent bouts of gout-related joint pain. Sometimes there is no more need for uric acid reduction medication.  Be sure to consult with your physician before discontinuing medication use.

Start with a vibration speed that’s comfortable, with sessions from 1-10 minutes, decreasing speeds and duration according to your preference.

We added an Extended Warranty to Further Ensure Your Satisfaction

  • As with all our products here at, your satisfaction is always No. 1 to my team and to me!
  • As an additional benefit, for your extra peace of mind, an EXTENDED 3-year warranty is included when you order your Whole-Body Vibration Plate through us, at no cost to you.

Only offered through Nutritional Institute, we're also going to extend the normal parts and labor warranty by an EXTRA year!

With ALL This Added Value, You Can't Go Wrong…

I don't believe you'll find a better deal anywhere . . .  or a greater incentive to invest in your very own Power Plate today.

With these additional extended warranty benefits, we’ve removed any obstacles standing in your way for you to step up to Whole Body Vibration!

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