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Please Note: International Shipping on our site is additional and you would pay shipitto direct or ebay global if you chose this option.

Our Favorite International Shipping Solution!

We love eBays Global shipping program and so do our thousands of eBay global happy customers! We are always looking for ways to make it easier for customers to ship globally, so we also have a new option too For you called

eBay Global Shipping

  • Offers Reduced Global Rates
  • Protects Both Buyers and Sellers
  • To see what we have to offer for Global Shipping outside the USA and Canada: Check out our eBay Store here and, see thousands of products we offer!

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Here is How Shipito Works:

  • Save up to 80% on shipping
  • Sign up with Shipito and get your FREE U.S. address
  • Shop and ship them to your new address
  • When your package arrives at Shipito, Shipito will take photos of them and store them in thier secure facility. You can also request many of our popular services, inlcuding:
    a. Detailed photos of the package contents
    b. Combine multiple shipments for even more savings
    c. Add any additional tape, packing materials or other custom requests
  • Select a shipping method, sit back, and relax as your items are shipped to you
  • Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you like. We love getting packages just as much as you do!
  • Free storage up to 90 days
  • Tax-free warehouse option

International Shipping Perks

If you purchase an assortment of products like we have to offer, we can create a custom listing for you on eBay so your global shipment can be shipped all at once and you then can realize a huge cost savings!

And, if there is a product you don't see in our store and you would like us to add it, just let us know. We will seriously consider adding it immediately to our eBay store

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Find more items with the Global Shipping Program

With the eBay Global Shipping Program, international buyers are much more likely to find exactly what you want—or discover that hard-to-find item you can’t find locally. Buyers also love the protections offered by the Program including end-to-end tracking and no surprise fees on delivery.

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With the Global Shipping Program:

  • Shop from 64 countries — and counting
  • Shipping & import charges estimated at check out
  • No additional charges or surprises on delivery

No Surprises

When you view the item, you’ll see the item price plus estimated shipping and import charges. Once you purchase the item, the final charges appear at checkout. That means no surprise charges when your item arrives.

International Shipping