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Looking for easy way to start your day without skimping on nutrients and taste?

Our Healthcare Practioners have chosen healthy, good tasting protein shakes just for you!

Start the day out right with a protein shake!

Breakfast is the single most important meal of the day. So, what else is new? You’ve heard this many times before. Make it simple: Try nutrient dense protein shakes.
Can a protein-rich diet help if you’re trying to lose some pounds?  Yes, a good quality protein shake can help you shed some pounds too!

  • You choose which protein shake gives you get the necessary nutrients to keep you from crashing half-way through the day due to your heavy breakfast.
  • A Big Plus: The whole family can now enjoy a nutritious and delicious chocolate, vanilla or chai convenient healthy drink.

Shake off some weight the healthy way with nutrient dense diet shakes!

  • You control fat and calorie intake with protein shakes as a meal replacementwhich is beneficial to weight management. No concern needed for portion control.
  • Convenience saves time required for food preparation and planning.
  • Consuming abundant nutrients is a major benefit.


The many fun and fast ways to make your shakes taste great include mixing your powdered protein shake with plain water, almond or coconut milk and adding fruit, nuts, dark leafy greens, vegetables and even spices such as cinnamon.

Our bodies love & need protein!
...And protein shakes are an efficient way to get the extra protein for:

  • Muscle build up.
  • Cell replacement.
  • Transporting lipids, vitamins, minerals and oxygen throughout your body.
  • Providing antibodies important for immunity.

None of your body proteins are ready made, yet are needed for every function of your cells and organs, playing additional imperative roles in your body’s health.

How do you get started on YOUR journey to optimal health with protein powder?


Designs for Health offers you Pure Paleo and PaleoMeal!

The surest way to go paleo. It doesn’t mean going back to the Paleolithic era when our ancestors consumed foods that our bodies are designed to handle. You need only to tick off dairy products, sugar and processed food from the menu.
All the benefits of a Paleolithic diet in a convenient shake.


Pure Paleo

A dairy-free protein powder that yields a generous 21 grams of protein called HydroBEEF. A highly concentrated, pure beef protein processed through an exclusive hydrolysis and ultra-filtration method building muscle, cartilage & ligaments through the power of beef.

  • Protein from HydroBEEF21g/42%.
  • Beef raised without hormones or antibiotics.
  • Dairy and gluten free.
  • True to its paleo form, no artificial sweeteners, soy or rice is used.
  • Free of any GMO grains, grasses, and/or ensilage.
  • Light, satisfying and great tasting.

The highlight is that it contains more than 97 percent pure protein in the form of peptides allowing the protein to be easily absorbed and assimilated by the body.

There are TWO Pure Paleo Flavors to enjoy:

  • • PurePaleo Protein Chocolate 810 g  
  • • PurePaleo Protein Vanilla 810 g
Pure Paleo Protein Diet Shake


It’s for YOU if you want a tasty, nutrient-filled, whey based powdered protein supplement.

  • Besides protein, the formula includes fats, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals for general fitness.
  • Promotes optimal intake of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
  • Highly recommended by health care practitioners for patients wanting support for:
    • weight control
    • detoxification
    • heavy metals
    • immune health

PaleoMeal can be enjoyed in FOUR flavors:

  • • PaleoMeal Natural Vanilla Flavor 900 g  
  • • PaleoMeal Chocolate 900 g
  • • PaleoMeal-DF Vanilla 540 g
  • • PaleoMeal-DF Berry 540 g
Paleomeal Diet Shake

Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass, an American health supplement company, has found the secret, and uses it to produce Green Superfood that delivers powerful health benefits.



It’s an amazing power house of Green Superfood products containing plant-based protein, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Each pack is a nutritious mixture of essential vitamins and nutrients supporting overall health and wellness.
  • This meal that contains approximately five billion probiotics.
  • Wow! That’s surely more than enough to improve your digestion.
  • Contains 11+ grams of soy-free, plant based protein.
  • These nutritional supplements are competitively priced so it’s affordable for you to support your health goals.
  • When you’re aiming for wellness, you want your hands clean.  
  • Just stir the protein powder into juice or shakes, or add a whopping scoop into your baking recipe – an easy way to feast on a 100 percent whole food nutrition blend.

Enjoy Amazing Meal in these FOUR great different flavors:

  • • Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai 13.2 oz  
  • • Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai 26.4
  • • Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion 17.9 oz
  • • Amazing Meal Pom-Mango 16.2 oz
Amazing Grass Diet Shake

There you have it. Take your Pick:

  • Thorne Research: MediPro Vegan All-in-One Shakes or VegaLite Shakes
  • Designs for Health: PurePaleo or PaleoMeal
  • Amazing Grass: Amazing Meal

Isn’t that something to DRINK and SHAKE about?

Regardless of your pick, make sure to consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use. This word of advice is especially directed to individuals who are pregnant, nursing, scheduled for surgery, and/or under regular medication or medical supervision.

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