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Pacific Herbs Sperm Boost Herb Pack 100g PI0016

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SKU: PI0016

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Boost your sperm health naturally!

Sperm health matters when you and your partner are trying to get pregnant. The time tested herbs in "Sperm Boost Herb Pack" will get your sperm mojo in high gear! This combination of herbs, from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and approved by a 30 year fertility doctor will help improve your chances.

Fertility Tea contains the right mix of herbs to boost your sperm quality and motility helping to make conception possible. These pure, concentrated herbal granules will improve the quality of your sperm and boost your immune system. Use daily for fastest results

Servings Per Container: 25 

Shake well before using. Adults: 1 teaspoon, up to 3 times daily. Dilute in 2-3 ounces of warm or cool water, or to taste as a savory tea. May also be taken undiluted, directly in the mouth.

Serving Size: 1/2 tsp

Amount Per Serving
Dioscorea root ... 150mg
(Shan yao)
Rehmannia root ... 100mg
(Shu di)
Goji Berry ... 75mg
(Gou qi zi)
Proprietary Extract Blend ... 1675mg
Cornus fruit (Shan Zhu Yu), Porita (Fu Ling), Fructus Rubi (Fu Pen Zi), Chinese Milk Vetch seed/Astragalus seed (Sha Yuan Zi), Cistanche root (Rou Cong Rong), Achyranthes root (Niu Xi), Allium Tuberosum/Leek seed (Jui Cai Zi), Alisma / Plantain root (Ze Xie), Moutan Bark (Mu Dan Pi), Stevia Leaf

If taking medication, consult a health professional before use.