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iMovr - Cadence Express Standing Desk Converter Single Monitor Silver SD

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The Cadence Express combines elegant design with durability, adjustability, and best-in-class stability—all at an affordable price.

  • Elegance, stability, and durability all in one
  • Flexibility facilitates screen-sharing and collaboration with coworkers
  • “Hover” design saves valuable space on your desk
  • Exceptional Monitor Adjustability
  • Built-to-Last (Five-year warranty)
  • Cadence Express vs. Original Cadence


Elegant, but Strong

The Cadence Express was designed for the aesthetics of the high-decor office. Built-in cable management clips along the arm structure keep wires nice and tidy.

In a single-LCD configuration the arm supports up to 24.5 lbs of technology, and up to 19.5 lbs in the dual-LCD configuration. The large 28" x 18" deep black work surface accommodates any keyboard and mouse with plenty of extra room for other desk top items. An under-or-over mounting option on the work surface gives the user a choice of having an obstruction-free work surface or a work surface that is flush with the desk when working in the seated position. 

Easy Collaboration

Reposition your computer keyboard and monitor anywhere inside a 3-dimensional space around your desk. See how much easier it is to screen-share with coworkers or clients! You can even try sharing a workstation between two adjacent co-workers. 

Quickly adjust your workstation in two ways. Turn the arm along the joint above the base. This swings the whole device to either end of your desk. Now your coworker can start operating your computer, and finally show you that trick in Microsoft Excel you've been dying to learn. Or turn the tray along the joint that connects to the arm. This immediately rotates your screen to an angle your coworkers can see. Now they'll be privy to your own tricks in seconds. 

Reclaim that Desktop Space

The Cadence Express’s “hover” design means you can slide your workstation out of the way when you want to work directly on your desk surface, moving around papers or other devices. Simply slide it back into place when your ready to start working again.

Keep a variety of tools and devices on your desk without cluttering the area where you type!

The work surface is even stable enough for your favorite coffee cup. 

Exceptional Monitor Adjustability

The monitor tower has 6.3" of height range of its own, ensuring that the distance between your keyboard and monitor is always ergonomically correct, whether you're sitting or standing. Additionally, the monitor tower is on a 180º rotating swivel, making it extremely easy to reach behind the monitor to manipulate the height adjustment knob in seconds.

The monitor mount on the Cadence Express is extremely versatile, able to tilt back 40º as well as 5º forward. The monitor mount also rotates a full 90º to easily switch your display from landscape to portrait mode. Mounting any VESA-compatible monitor is easy thanks to the included Quick Release Connector Plate.