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Results Nutrition - HYDRIFY - Furious Punch 30 Servings MLX Exp.4.19+ SD

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SKU: 772-99734

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Your blood is the most anabolic substance in your body and carries oxygen and every nutrient needed to build muscle, lose fat, and increase performance. During training up to 70% of your blood is shuttled to the muscles you’re contracting which is why intra-workout nutrition can help you build bigger arms, stronger pecs, and a pump that’s unreal!


The best time to shuttle nutrients to your muscles is during exercise, when blood flow is at its highest. RESULTS HYDRIFY contains breakthrough ingredients that help increase muscle, enhance recovery, increase cell volume, and boost Nitric Oxide levels for skin-splitting pumps. The entire formula works synergistically together to give you the best results from your training.


We all live for the pump. That intense, swollen feeling that sets in during your workout and feeds your muscles with anabolic blood! The pump is the key to unlocking unlimited growth from your training and the longer you can stay pumped, the better your growth will be. RESULTS HYDRIFY is designed to lock in your pump. Each serving contains patented ingredients like Nitrosagine® which helps boost nitric oxide levels and blood flow while increasing recovery.


CARNOSYN® is an ingredient found in RESULTS HYDRIFY that increases exercise performance and work capacity. It is protected by 20 worldwide patents and is one of the most scientifically tested ingredients available to athletes. RESULTS HYDRIFY also contains lactic acid buffering nutrients to help you force out more reps and fight past the burn on that high-rep set!


Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) regulate muscle growth (protein synthesis) while also increasing recovery and decreasing muscle damage. BCAAs make up 35% of the amino acids in your muscle tissue and are digested inside your muscle tissue! Each serving of RESULTS HYDRIFY contains 100% pure, free-form BCAAs to ensure maximum absorption.


A loss of fluid equal to just 2% of your bodyweight is enough to decrease athletic performance. However, dehydration of greater than 2% causes: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastro-intestinal problems during exercise.


Your body produces sweat to cool down, reduce toxins and fight off infection. Prolonged sweating causes a loss of electrolytes which are critical for proper muscle contractions and without them, muscle cramps can set in and stop you dead in your tracks. RESULTS HYDRIFY keeps you hydrated during training while replacing the electrolytes lost during exercise and profuse sweating.

•Helps Build Muscle
•Boosts Energy & Endurance
•Intense Muscular Pumps & Fullness
•Increases Nitric Oxide
•Zero Sugar!
•Fights Muscle Cramps & Fatigue
•Accelerates Recovery
•Anticatabolic Formula

Directions: Mix 1 serving (2 flat scoops) of RESULTS HYDRIFY in 16 to 20oz (450-600 ml) of cold water immediately before your workout. Sip RESULTS HYDRIFY between sets during training to maximize your results.