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Weleda Body Care - Body Oil Essentials Kit 1 kit 7170 SD

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Body Oil Essentials Kit 1 kit

To Replenish, Balance, and Protect

* Birch Cellulite Oil, 0.34 fl oz
We use organic birch leaf extract because it helps purify and detoxify your skin. It visibly improves your skin's texture and smoothness after just one month of regular use

* Arnica Massage Oil 0.34 fl oz
At Weleda, we cultivate and hand-pick organic arnica flowers because they have very special properties. Our oil not only smoothes tired muscles, but when used during a massage, it actually warms your skin

* Lavender Relaxing Body Oil, 0.34 fl oz
The aroma of our organic lavender is therapeutic. It balances and soothes you. It's perfect after a long, stressful day

* Wild Rose Body Oil, 0.34 fl oz
We love organic roses. Rosehip seed oil has an amazing combination of vitamins and essential fatty acids. Essential rosehip seed oil brilliantly harmonizes and revitalizes your skin

* Citrus Refreshing Body Oil, 0.34 fl oz
Our Biodynamic® lemon peels are full of invigorating essential oils, like limonene, citral and coumarin. That means this oil is great for purifying and uplifting your dry skin

* Sea Buckthorn Body Oil, 0.34 fl oz
We've been farming Biodynamic® sea buckthorn for its antioxidants long before most people knew its full power! This oil is perfect for replenishing your skin-especially after being out in the sun for a while

* Body Oil Brochure
Weleda Body Oils replenish, balance, and protect your skin. Learn which ones are perfect for you