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Amrita Aromatherapy - Synergy Sampler 10 vials SYN661 SD

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SKU: A61003

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Synergy Blends Sampler 

100% Pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils

Allergy Easer, A Woman's Balance, Citrus Bliss, Deep Rest, Headache Reliever, Mandarine Sunset, Mental Energizer, Pure Joy, Respiration, Sweet Restoration

Premium Essential Oils - from plants grown on the right soil, in the proper climate, harvested carefully at the optimal time and distilled with knowledge and precision - embody the soul of the plant.

They lift the spirit with everlasting delight. Amrita is committed to supplying only such oils in which the whole value of the plant has been preserved.

We select oils that are: 100% true unadulterated botanical essential oils wherever possible, wild or organically grown, lively in the fullness (wholeness) of their fragrance, synergistically blended for optimum therapeutic effect.